Looking to buy, or to sell, Irish Dance Shoes?

We have an exciting announcement!

We now have a new method of buying and selling your used dance shoes. Email shoes@prairiegaeldance.com with the size & type of shoes you have available to sell, or are looking to purchase.

To try on a pair of shoes, email and arrange a time to go to the mini studio and test out the shoes! Visit prairiegaeldance.com/shoes for an up-to-date listing of the used shoes available.

Congratulations Deirdra!

What a successful (pre) Oireachtas for Deirdra!

Not even in preliminary championship yet and standing in the top spot on the podium, not once, but twice!

Congratulations on winning your second treble jig trophy and graduating to preliminary championship, as well as winning the pre-Oireachtas Traditional Set Trophy - this qualifies you as our newest and youngest preliminary championship dancer!!

deirdra O.jpg

Jumping into the fall!!

What a busy first few weeks of classes we have had!!

Two weeks in and we have already completed Grade Exams, and a Feis! Thank you to all our parents whose support and driving make lessons and other activities possible, us teachers and your dancers greatly appreciate it!

First Feisers.jpg

Congratulations to our First Feisers: Grace N, Keira S, Isabelle L, and Ava H!! You ladies had a tremendous competition and we are VERY proud of you!

Showing off some serious hardware, well done ladies!

Showing off some serious hardware, well done ladies!

Congratulations to all our dancers challenging Grade Exams. Once again we had a 100% pass rate! Good job ladies!!

Multi-talented: Congratulations to Anneleise and Jenah on their fabulous musical talents!

Multi-talented: Congratulations to Anneleise and Jenah on their fabulous musical talents!

A special congratulations to Deirdra and Sam on winning their Treble Jig trophy’s!!


Thanks so much to River City School of Irish Dance and their wonderful volunteers for another fabulous feis!!


Some of our Prelim dancers showing off their hardware!

Busy Summer!

We had a fabulous summer filled with classes and workshops to keep us fit and en pointe! 


Our regular grades classes kept our dancers in time as we learned new material and prepared for our grade exams at the River City Feis in September. 

Between our technique work, new material, yoga, and cross training, our summer workshops helped us keep our rhythm as we prepared for the fall feis season. 


Thanks to our special guests, Tara Popil and Kristin McKiel, for giving us an excellent workout! From medicine balls to training ladders to running laps in the alley, we had a HOT time learning new skills and strengthening our muscles!

Year End Recital & BBQ!

Our twentieth year ended with a bang!

We had a fabulous recital at the Performing Arts Centre which showcased the hard work our dancers have put in all year long. 

We are grateful to Bushwakker for their sponsorship of our bar, and the donation of wonderful door prizes. We had a fabulous concession and are very thankful for our parent volunteers who helped out with the set up, sales, and tear down. 

We finished the weekend off with a fabulous bbq in Candy Cane Park. With over 100 attendees, including parents, siblings, and dancers, we had a fabulous gathering. We were lucky enough to avoid the rain, and had warm weather for a variety of games. 

Thank you ever so much to the fabulous dads who helped grill the hamburgers and hotdogs, and to the moms who brought a variety of games to challenge and keep us entertained -  we loved learning 'poop the potato'!! 

Mosaic 2018!

We are thrilled to have participated in yet another Mosaic!

While there mayn't have been an Irish pavilion, we were lucky to have been offered the chance to perform at the Austrian pavilion this year, and a few of our students had the chance to dance as members of the Irish Club at the Scottish pavilion. 

We are grateful to both the Austrian and Scottish pavilions for including our dancers in their pavilions and allowing them the opportunity to participate in Mosaic this year. 

A huge thank you to Bernie and David for helping us out at Mosaic this year, and to our dance parents who helped with sound at the Scottish pavilion performances. 

Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhaoibh!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

We had yet another a fabulous St. Patrick's Day this past weekend. We are thrilled that Prairie Gael has been able to help Regina celebrate 20 years of the great Irish Saint. 


We made multiple media appearances - thanks to Global, CTV, and Lite 92.1 for visiting with us - and 14 pub appearances! 

Our dancers represented our school fabulously and we are exceptionally proud of them all! 

We'd like to extend a special thank you to our parents who help get our dancers ready, and transport them from performance to performance - we couldn't do it without you!