Year End Recital & BBQ!

Our twentieth year ended with a bang!

We had a fabulous recital at the Performing Arts Centre which showcased the hard work our dancers have put in all year long. 

We are grateful to Bushwakker for their sponsorship of our bar, and the donation of wonderful door prizes. We had a fabulous concession and are very thankful for our parent volunteers who helped out with the set up, sales, and tear down. 

We finished the weekend off with a fabulous bbq in Candy Cane Park. With over 100 attendees, including parents, siblings, and dancers, we had a fabulous gathering. We were lucky enough to avoid the rain, and had warm weather for a variety of games. 

Thank you ever so much to the fabulous dads who helped grill the hamburgers and hotdogs, and to the moms who brought a variety of games to challenge and keep us entertained -  we loved learning 'poop the potato'!!