That's A Wrap!!

This year truly has been one of our most successful. We always knew that we have some of the best members out there, but this year you all have really proven that beyond a shadow of doubt.

We participated in 35(!!!) performances this year. These included multiple senior's homes, which the residents always look forward to and enjoy, as well as several private functions and neighbourhood festivals. We particularly enjoyed being asked to perform at the Regina Symphony Orchestra's "Marie Noelle Goes Irish" Concert, as well as being invited to perform in Assiniboia for their cultural festival this past fall. Our reputation is growing!

St. Patrick's day this year was our busiest, and most successful to date. Our dancers participated in 14 performances in one day, including four elementary schools, the Double Tree by Hilton hotel, ten pubs and also made two television appearances and a radio appearance. A HUGE thanks to our dance parents for making this possible. We hope the dancers enjoyed it as much as we did!

Last but not least on the performance side, we ended the year with a bang with our participation in Mosaic. We received so many compliments on how well our dancers performed, and for how friendly and well-behaved they were! Congratulations! We would like to take a moment to recognize our dance parents again, for volunteering dozens of hours of their time to help make the Irish Pavilion a success. We appreciate it so much! Without you, it wouldn't be possible for the pavilion to run as well as it does, so THANK-YOU!!!

On the competitive end, well, we are blown away. Our dancers competed in six feiseanna in Calgary and Edmonton, travelling over 9,000 kilometers, and spending dozens of hours travelling to do so. We made our big debut in team dancing for the first time, and had a blast in doing that!

Collectively, PGSID brought home over 365 medals and 140 trophies. Not bad for a group of 22 dancers! 

It has been an absolute pleasure to watch our dancers work as hard as they do, and with such drive and determination in order to be at their best when the get on that stage. To say that we are incredibly proud of them would be an understatement. It's amazing to think that this is only our second year as a competitive dance school and we already have several dancers that are "this close" to being able to compete at the championship level. Wow! 

We hope everyone gets a bit of a rest over the coming weeks, and we look forward to seeing our dancers back for workshops over the summer!

We can't wait to see what next year holds!