Annual Recital

This past Saturday saw the PGSID annual recital. While earlier than typical, to accommodate the soon-to-be-arriving baby Miss Emily, the evening went beautifully! 

Our dancers all had the opportunity to show off the dances they have been working on so diligently throughout the year. 

While our audience may not have noticed, we were helped out behind the scenes by Miss Bernie, Miss Yvonne, and David. Your assistance is greatly appreciated and we love having you around!

We tried out a new venue for our recital this year, and found the Theatre at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum worked wonderfully. (We know a few parents appreciated the opportunity to have libations during the recital and snacks helped entertain siblings and cousins during the performance).

We are still dancing for another month or so as we work our way towards Mosaic the first weekend of June. We are excited to have another successful recital under our belts and thank all of our parents for their assistance in ensuring our dancers arrive dressed and ready to go for  this and all our other performances throughout the year. We truly would not be able to do it without you!