Beginning Dancers

The following are the important basics for our beginner dancers.

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How to Tie Your Shoes

Irish dance shoes are tricky only the first few times you tie them, then they become easy :)

It is important to ensure the laces cross in front of the ankle prior to going behind the foot, then wrap under the arch prior to being double knotted. Shoes should always be double knotted to ensure they don’t come undone while dancing.



Posture is key to all dance forms, and Irish dancers are infamous for their poise. Standing tall, shoulders back, arms tucked back, hands in a fist (thumbs in then fingers over top), legs strong and straight and crossed at the knee, legs turned out from the hips so knees, on our toes, and toes point to the outside (turnout).



A basic move which helps dancers with more difficult moves. Done with the legs crossed, from the toes, the dancer jumps off both feet points their toes while in the air, then lands on their toes with legs as straight as possible (resisting the urge to fully bend a the knees).


This is our beginner reel. It consists of eight over-2-3’s in a circle, sevens to the right and back, sevens to the left and back, then sevens turning on the spot.

Single Jig