Dancing with Daniel O'Donnell!!

We were were ecstatic when we heard from Mr. Daniel O'Donnell himself, when he invited our group to perform with him on stage at his show in Regina.

The Healy family with Daniel O'Donnell

The Healy family with Daniel O'Donnell

We teach some very talented dancers, but we also have a very talented parent group, so one of our dance mums, Tanya Healy stepped up to the plate and had a wonderful time. Thanks to Daniel O'Donnell and his team for the invitation!


First Feis of the Year

We are thankful to River City for hosting the first feis in Saskatchewan for almost a decade this past weekend. 

We had a fabulous turnout of dancers at the feis, and many Prairie Gael dancers - including many performance dancers - also took advantage of the grade exams offered on the Friday. Congratulations to all our dancers who challenged grade exams, we had a 100% pass rate!

Another congratulations to our first feis-ers who had a fabulous showing at the first feis of their careers - well done ladies!

Summer Fun!

We had a fabulous summer, and enjoyed the opportunity to perform and keep active with multiple workshops.

Performing at Moose Jaw's Multi-Cultural Festival

Performing at Moose Jaw's Multi-Cultural Festival

We are excited about the opportunity we had to work with Jeff Petryna of FIX Athletics. We worked hard as he put us through the paces, and learned about balancing our diet and how important our fuel is for our success. 

Getting put through the paces!!

Getting put through the paces!!



A well-deserved Savasana after a hard work out!



Learning the importance of how we fuel our bodies.

Getting ready for the new year

To ensure we are ready for the new year, we have a couple special activities coming up:

Dress Fitting Party

Saturday August 26: 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm
Bring your dancer and their dress to ensure their costume still fits. We will do costume swapping if we need to, to ensure everyone has a dress for the coming year.

The Kilt Lady

Sunday August 27: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
The Kilt Lady is coming to visit and bring a trove of dance shoes, socks, wigs and more. This is the perfect way to ensure your dance bag is fully stocked for the upcoming year.

Year in Review - 2017/2018!

Thanks to our wonderful dancers and their families for another wonderful year of dance at Prairie Gael!

We are very proud of our dancers and their many accomplishments. We have a few highlights from this past year below:

  • We hosted and/or performed in more than 20 performances
  • Our competitive dancers won 470 medals, 160 trophies, and 1 sash
  • We travelled over 12,00 km
  • 4 dancers qualified for championships, and 4 other dancers are halfway there!

Your hard work and dedication throughout the year are an excellent representation of our school both here at home and on the road.

We can't wait to see what you do next year!!